Puppy’s Training

Your puppy grows only once, just like our children, only much faster. Which means, you have much less time for proper adjustment and proper upbringing . Errors that you make during this period will be with you and your dog in the future. So do not wait . Start education by the appropriate party right now and not later than 3 months of age of your pet.

I’ll show you how to play , you can teach your pet commands such as ‘sit’ , ‘down’, ‘stay’ , and together practice walking at heel . You’ll see how well we respond to certain behaviours of your dog . In the Puppy Classes special attention will be paid to socialize with other dogs and people. Toddlers learn to react positively to noise, cars, bikes, etc.

For puppies we can help with:

K9 Puppy Classes in Carlisle

Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes is dog training for dogs age 2-8 months old. We provide Puppy Classes…
One2One Dog Training

One2One Dog Training

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Dog Behaviour Problems

Dog Behaviour Problems

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Where Is Dog Training in Carlisle?

Where is Dog Training in Carlisle?

We do Puppy Classes and Obedience Course every Sunday morning (all year around) and/or Wednesday afternoon (Apr-Oct). The dog training commences weekly in different parks, for the best experience. You can join the group at any time.