Before you start dog obedience training.

Before you start dog obedience training.

Many of the dog owners I meet tell me about failures in teaching their dog. When I watch them, I see two opposing worlds without any connection. They are not a team! They are not ready to teach and learn.

Despite this, the owner insists on being the teacher of his dog and gets upset when the dog does not listen to him. Both are not ready for this. The nerves are even greater because the behaviour at home also leaves much to be desired.

What if we prepared the dog to teach? Like children before going to school …

Before you teach a dog not to jump on guests, do not pull on a leash, sit down, lie down or recall on command – first, teach your dog how to be a good student! When your dog is really ready I promise you that the rest will go very easily ๐Ÿ™‚

Make your dog a good student

Qualities of a good student:

  • focus
  • listening
  • calm
  • patience
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โ€žMy dog is interested in everything but not me.โ€

โ€žI tell him what to do but he looks around.โ€

โ€žHe can’t focus on the task I give him.โ€

It’s time to learn how to become a more attractive owner for a dog. I will show you some nice play with your dog that will prove your attractiveness and make your dog need eye contact with you.

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โ€žMy dog goes crazy when someone comes home.โ€

โ€žMy dog barks every time when a postman knocks on the door.โ€

โ€žMy dog jumps over my friends when they come to visit.โ€

โ€žHe sits in the window and barking at the cars.โ€

Each of us and the dog also have a certain amount of energy. We have various possibilities to discharge this energy during the day. A dog too. Of course, we (people) playing football, running, reading books, dancing, going to the gym, etc. Just because someone showed us such forms of activity. How many activities did you show to your dog? Do you let it decide? Or maybe later you have a pretension to your dog that it chose to bite the sofa, dig flowers in the garden or jump after guests?

I will gladly share with you my ideas for fun games with your dog. You will teach your dog how to use energy in a way that will make both of you happy.

As soon as we get through these stages, your dog will be your best pupil: focused, calm, listening carefully, patient and above all happy.

Waste of time! Let’s meet face to face in your home. I can’t wait to show you all this. And you?

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