The current price list can be found here

We usually try to meet you at your home for the first time. If that is not possible, then we meet in one of the parks in Carlisle.

First, check your distance from us here

Choose the proper distance when you’re booking:

✔️ up to 5 miles (from CA1 2SP)

✔️ 6-10 miles (from CA1 2SP)

? 11-40 miles (from CA1 2SP)contact us here


We need to meet you individually before starting your group training. We’ll show you some tricks on how to prepare your dog well for training. Book an appointment for your dog to be assessed so it can join the group.

Assessment include only preparation dog for group training. Assessment not include dog issues and other obedience problem (for this you must booking one2one dog training).


✔️ Puppy Obedience Training

✔️ Dog Obedience Training

✔️ Puppy / Dog Issues (only level 1*)

? Dog Issues (level 2 and level 3*) – contact us here

* Dog ISSUES level you can check HERE!