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Dog Obedience, socialisation and more…

If your pup has more than half a year it’s a good time to start a specific education. This is a basic course , for your friend to become a good companion. This obedience course consists several levels of play , and you can decide at what stage to finish your pups education.

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Although each dog is treated individually, here you can find basic information about the scope of the various levels:

BASIC Dog Obedience Course – level 1:

All work with the dog at this stage we do on a leash. During the course, we are also working on appropriate relationships with other dogs and people.

  • “sit”
  • “lie down”
  • walking on a loose leash
  • recall

BASIC Dog Obedience Course – level 2:

  • “sit” with distraction and traffic
  • “lie down” with distraction and traffic
  • walking heel and change directions
  • recall – at greater distances

ADVANCED Dog Obedience Course:

Most of the work is done with a dog without a leash. To participate in the following sentence is pre- course test.

Higher level
of dog training!

Trust and friendship!

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