Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes

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When can I start puppy training?

Your puppy grows only once, just like our children, only much faster. Which means, you have much less time for proper adjustment and proper upbringing . Errors that you make during this period will be with you and your dog in the future. So do not wait . Start education by the appropriate party right now and not later than 3 months of age of your pet.

What does it mean Puppy Classes?

I’ll show you how to play , you can teach your pet commands such as ‘sit’ , ‘down’, ‘stay’ , and together practice walking at heel . You’ll see how well we respond to certain behaviours of your dog . In the dog- kindergarten special attention will be paid to socialize with other dogs and people. Toddlers learn to react positively to noise, cars, bikes, etc.

Puppy Kindergarten classes is the best program that checks for puppies aged 3 to 8 months. The course includes 10 lessons . One lesson lasts about an hour. Lessons take place on the ground in different places to create the most optimal conditions for the socialization of puppies. Other details to know at the first meeting.

What if my dog is more than a year?

It’s still not too late to learn. Look at our dog obedience courses.

If you want to know more and see us at work with dogs , please use the button below to set us the time and place of the meeting. WELCOME !

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