one2one dog training
Group Dog Training

Puppy’s Training

Your puppy grows only once, just like our children, only much faster. Which means, you have much less time for proper adjustment and proper upbringing... read more

Adult Dog’s Training

If your pup has more than 8 months it’s a good time to start a specific education for your dog to become a good companion. For adult dogs we can help with... read more

Dog Behaviour Problems

Many dog behaviour is sometimes undesirable for us . Sometimes it is aggression towards other animals, children, women or men, and sometimes... read more

One2One Dog Training

If you need 100% of our attention and want to meet individually at your home or public place, then this bespoke dog training is just for you and it's a great idea when you want... read more

Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes is dog training for dogs age 2-8 months old. The Puppy Classes commences weekly in different parks, for the best experience. Before you join our Puppy Classes... read more

Dog Obedience Course

This is a basic course for you and your dog to become a good companion. This dog training is great for adult dogs (sometimes for teenagers from 9 months)... read more

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