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Puppy Classes

When can I start puppy training? Your puppy grows only once, just like our children, only much faster. Which means, you have much less time for proper... read more

Obedience Courses

If your pup has more than half a year it’s a good time to start a specific education. This is a basic course , for your friend to become a good companion... read more

Guard Dog Training

Many breeds have a predisposition to perform several functions in our private and professional lives. The dog, which we will learn how to defend you and your family must be... read more

Dog Show Training

This course is designed not only for the dog shows. In addition to preparing for exhibitions (proper motion, posture), I understand that you can cope with the problem... read more

Behaviour Problems

Many dog behaviour is sometimes undesirable for us . Sometimes it is aggression towards other animals, children, women or men, and sometimes... read more

Everyday with Dog

Here you will also find training dates for dog owners who want to expand their knowledge in the field of: first aid for dogs, proper feeding, dog care advice, tips & health information... read more

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