Adult Dog’s Training

Dog Obedience, socialisation and more…

If your pup has more than 8 months it’s a good time to start a specific education. This is a basic course , for your friend to become a good companion. This obedience course consists several levels of play , and you can decide at what stage to finish your pups education.

I’ll show you how to play, you can teach your pet commands such as ‘sit’ , ‘down’, ‘stay’ , and together practice walking at heel . You’ll see how well we respond to certain behaviours of your dog. Dogs learn to react positively to noise, cars, bikes, etc.

For adult dogs we can help with:

One2One Dog Training

One2One Dog Training

If you need 100% of our attention and want to meet individually at your home…
Dog Obedience Course in Carlisle

Dog Obedience Course

This is a basic course for you and your dog to become a good companion…
Dog Behaviour Problems

Dog Behaviour Problems

If you’re wondering whether this course is for you, here are a few situations where…
Where Is Dog Training in Carlisle?

Where is Dog Training in Carlisle?

We do Puppy Classes and Obedience Course every Sunday morning (all year around) and/or Wednesday afternoon (Apr-Oct). The dog training commences weekly in different parks, for the best experience. You can join the group at any time.